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Navigating the Investment Market in European Football Banner

Navigating the Investment Market in European Football

In this report, we will provide a navigational guide through the minefield of future investment propositions within European football. The report outlines a range of considerations and value propositions necessary to enable would-be investors to identify potential investment upsides in tandem with relevant risk assessments.

Key topics included in the report are:

  • Ownership Models and Motives
  • The broadcasting landscape
  • Sponsorship and Commercial Revenue Dependency
  • Stadium Capacity, Utilization, Maintenance, and Growth
  • Wages and cost control
  • Digital Footprints
  • Future Insights, Trends, and Investment Potential

Sport as a New Asset Class

Purchasing a football club, is, for some, the peak of ambition, a childhood romance. For others, it can be a vanity purchase, an investment opportunity to yield dividends or a philanthropist’s plaything. It can be all of the above. However, irrespective of the motive, the green light for investment will always require a tick in the box for a variety of practical factors pointing to its future prospects. Is there history? And, critically, what value can be added? Where is the growth potential?

At the strategic level, key factors in decisions to invest include the dominant ownership models prevalent in the market and, perhaps more significantly, the likelihood that regulatory restrictions may in the immediate, medium, or long term be significantly tightened or relaxed. Issues such as Multi-club ownership (MCO), the German 50+1 rule, the British government’s introduction of a regulator, the various regulations concerning gambling, the European Super League, the relationship between the governing bodies, federations, leagues, and clubs plus regional and local governmental regulations and myriad other considerations should play into a final purchasing decision.

Navigating the Investment Market in European Football

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