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How European Football Clubs will take Advantage of the 2026 World Cup

With the 2026 FIFA World Cup now firmly in the crosshairs of this country’s public discourse, it will be interesting to track both the expected and unexpected knock-on effects this tournament’s hosting may bring. As much excitement has been generated here on home soil in the U.S. for all the potential growth domestic soccer will experience leading up to 2026, that same fervor and drive is being exhibited across the Atlantic in Europe for a different reason.

At Sportsology Group, we have been engaged by several European teams to explore what different international expansion strategies exist and how to best employ them to both grow and improve their brand around the globe. One such feasibility study that we led looked to explore the best path forward for a La Liga club looking to grow their presence in the U.S. market. Our key takeaways were the following:

  • The best teams use a 10-step program to get them from the hypothesis phase to execution
  • There are more possible ideas and activities than you think (about 42 by our count)
  • As with most things, it comes down to Location, Location, Location

    Major European football clubs will now begin (if they haven’t already started) the process of creating their own international brand expansion strategies to penetrate the U.S. market, in an attempt to piggyback off the energy and enthusiasm generated by the World Cup.

How European Football Clubs will take Advantage of the 2026 World Cup

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By George Gallagher


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