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US Sports: Optimizing International Expansion

By Jake Lynch & Luke Casey-Leigh

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Optimizing their international expansion strategies is on the mind of every league and franchise.

The major US leagues and franchises have made major efforts in recent years to expand internationally. The aim remains the same: to grow the sport’s audience and to extend the commercial footprint of the game and brand.

Are you set up to effectively deliver on your international expansion opportunities?




Are you in the right market / city?

What is the ROI of your investment into the market?

How are you structuring your PR, media and marketing to capture new fans?

International expansion has become increasingly top of mind for team owners and executives alike as their attention turns to growing their organization’s revenue and fanbase. In phase one of the global push, the major US leagues have taken the lead centrally on piloting international expansion initiatives on behalf of the teams. As we enter this second phase of expansion, individual franchises are increasingly given the imperative and autonomy to define and execute their own global commercial initiatives.

Over the last 12 months, we have been increasingly asked by team owners and executives for support on crafting an international expansion strategy that’s best fit for their organization. Through these individual dialogues have emerged a list of commonly asked questions that we will be sharing today:

  1. What does success look like when it comes to international expansion?

  2. How do I measure success / ROI from international expansion?

  3. What approaches have other teams and leagues taken to their international expansion initiatives?

  4. What are the risks and challenges associated with international expansion?

  5. What capabilities do we need internally within our organization to execute successfully upon our international expansion strategies?

  6. What does a pilot initiative look like?

Partnering with our network of strategic advisors, we have penned the following white paper that outlines the current landscape of international expansion from both a league and team perspective, as well as highlighting the opportunities up for grabs. We share the lessons learned from our advisors’ collective experiences executing on international commercial initiatives from inside teams and leagues that have done it the best.

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By Luke Casey-Leigh


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