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Strategic Collaboration

Sportsology Group and Cambridge Consultants team up to accelerate the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the global sports industry

The tailored, end to end approach will enable teams to reach new heights, with benefits including:

  • Team Performance Optimization – Analyze relevant performance data of clients and competitors to provide competitive advantage in all areas of game management.

  • Player Performance Optimization – Analyze player performance data and patterns or trends in statistics to identify areas for improvement.

  • Recruitment and Talent Scouting – Identify and evaluate promising and undervalued talent and predict potential based on performance and attributes.

  • Audience Analytics – Gather and analyze data on audience preferences and demographics to predict and understand behavior and tailor content.

  • Fan Experience and Sponsorship – Enhance fan engagement through personalized interactions and recommendations, and leverage algorithms to optimize pricing, reduce sales cycle times and suggest beneficial partnerships.

Sportsology Group and Cambridge Consultants will triage a team’s unique performance requirements and ambitions to develop a bespoke program expertly tuned to deliver results fast. The collaboration will also lead the development and integration of innovative AI-based products for short- or long-term initiatives, and provide ongoing training, support, and maintenance to ensure technology solutions consistently align with evolving needs.

“Throughout our research on the future role of AI in elite sport, we've continually found ourselves in need of AI specific expertise to enable us to deliver enhanced solutions to the problems presented to us, both on and off the field. Partnering with Cambridge Consultants provides the perfect balance between domain and technical expertise with which to serve our joint clients,” said Dr. Chris Brady, Sportsology Chief Intelligence Officer and co-author of AI for Sport.

“Cambridge Consultants is thrilled to engage in this collaboration with Sportsology Group,” said Dr. Maya Dillon, Head of AI Capability, Cambridge Consultants. “By combining our industry-leading AI and data science expertise with Sportsology’s full-service advisory model, we believe we can bring proven AI technologies to the sports world that will unlock new performance potential through data-driven programs."

For ambitious teams striving to transform their operations through AI, please reach out to Luke Casey-Leigh to get started.

About Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants (CC), part of Capgemini Invent, is a global team of 800 bright, talented people – united by the ambition to turn brilliant and radical ideas into technologies, products and services. We use AI, ML and advanced analytics to help our clients deliver world-changing innovation. We work with clients to set direction, redefine what's possible and make it reality. We don't just apply state of the art AI, we create it – and we have been doing it for 60 years. Find out more at cambridgeconsultants.com.

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