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Data-Driven Business Planning for Sports Organizations

It’s that time of year again… As the end of the season approaches, many sports organizations will soon enter planning mode. This often involves teams sitting down to set objectives for the next year, which can be an exciting and inspiring process as people dream and envision what could be. However, it’s not uncommon for organizations to realize that after these extensive planning sessions, they haven’t revisited their plans, goals, or KPIs in months. Once games start, the pressure of public scrutiny can begin to weigh on everyone. Poor performance from the team can make it difficult to stay on track, and people quickly forget the chaotic pace of the year.

As a result, we can find ourselves in the situation where we might be today, where we are unsure whether:

  • The business has performed well or poorly 
  • There are too many people or not enough 
  • We have the right people in our organization
  • The organization is structured effectively or not

Often, the only thing that is clear is whether our revenue numbers have been met or not. If they have – phew!

This paper aims to help organizations set the guardrails in place for their data and business planning process to help drive decisions and track performance. It will provide guidance on how to think about objectives and how to measure KPIs effectively - maximizing the chances of achieving those objectives.

Data-Driven Business Planning for Sports Organizations

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By Luke Casey-Leigh


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